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Media Roundup: Cardiff City 2-1 Reading FC

We round up what other media have been saying about Reading's 2-1 defeat to Cardiff.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

My first media watch and I get the enviable task of  wrapping up the various reviews of last night's game - it makes for grim reading (ok first and last pun!) and all the articles I've read are going down the same line.....

Firstly the official BBC response, as usual factual, not a huge amount of depth but sums it up concisely with a pointed fact that we had hope but not a lot of it.

FourFourTwo's write up is even shorter with again the round up again being that Pearce had a night to forget (never), I love their take on the red card saying that the referee consulted with his linesman before sending Pearce off, and here's me thinking that he just forgot to pick up his red cards and had to borrow one!

The Reading Chronicle however seem to take a stronger view on it, with their article "Alex Pearce Horror Show condemns Read FC to Defeat" pretty much laying the defeat at his feet, however more interesting when you compare this to the official Reading FC site's report on the interview with Adkins, which show two distinct versions of the game.

The most flattering report of our play and the game last night surprisingly comes from Walesonline where they give a detailed and somewhat easy report on the game last night. Interesting given some of the other headlines!

Sky Sports report, predictably focuses on Cardiff, with Reading getting a brief mention near the bottom, but like all the stories, they focus on the fact that we have't won away since the Boro win in August. With Norwich next week, only but the most fervent of fans will expect us to go there and get anything.

ESPN UK take a more softer tact with us, actually mentioning a shot by a Reading player (Obita) which forced Marshall into a save, ESPN seen to make it read that we gave it a valiant effort, which is contrary to most other reports. A headline of "Alex Pearce toils in Royals Defeat" makes it sound a lot better than by all accounts it was.

GetReading's usual good coverage continued this morning with Charles Watts' review of how we self destructed in Wales, is concise and has a good coverage of his interview, and for those playing Adkins bingo, the classic "working hard on the training ground" does appear.

Comments on social media are interesting, with Alf coming out this morning asking why Reading Fans Booed him, nope- I can't understand that either!

Lastly a look around the world as to some other countries reaction to the game last night, firstly the American press who understandably focus on Danny Williams, but I do love the phrases they use! 'European action', didn't know Cardiff v Reading counted as a European game!

Finally we'll leave this media roundup with our friends in New Zealand where again we get a soundbite...