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Five Things: Cardiff City 2-1 Reading FC

Here are five things to take away from Friday night's defeat in the Welsh capital.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

1) Michael Hector is improving big time

Even though his central defensive partner had an absolute nightmare, Michael Hector was one of the only players that came out of Friday night with a little bit of dignity. He made some vital blocks, and got a consolation goal which he deserved. Hopefully he can keep this form with our now severe lack of defensive options for the next few games.

2) We need to utilise the wings more

The addition of Garath McCleary at half time was the best news Reading fans have had for a while. He was immediately a big threat and Cardiff had to change the way they played. I'm still a strong believer that Jordan Obita is much more suited to the left back role, and now we have a bit more strength on the wing hopefully we can rediscover that threat we posed down the sides in previous seasons. The play in Cardiff was all very central, which became very frustrating towards the end of the second half.

3) Throw ins need to be worked on

It's true; our ability to turn a throw in into something attacking is abysmal. It's almost like the players aren't really sure what to do. We just need a bit more movement and give the person taking a throw in a few more options when we're in a potentially threatening position.

4) Why were the fans not praised?

That's the best away support I've been a part for a while in terms of noise. We weren't quiet when we went 2-0 down and the banter between the left and right side was awesome. There were also plenty of people who stayed until the end to clap the players off the pitch, and the most significant boos were for le Fondre and Morrison (not sure why!) rather than for our own players. Adkins is always banging on about how vital the fans are and how we need to be patient and supportive. How much more can we give?

5) Cardiff is awesome

This was the third time I've been to Cardiff as an away day and I can say that the whole experience is one of the best I've had. Everyone my Mum and I came across in our visit to the stadium and the area as a whole was lovely. Even the stewards wished us luck and told us to have a safe journey home when we left the ground at the final whistle. The whole set up is a credit to the club and the football league as a whole. I know it's not much, but it's the little things which make a rubbish game a tiny bit more bearable.