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Nigel Joins Twitter

Surprising developments today as Reading manager Nigel Adkins takes a leap into the unknown...

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Taking a leap into the unknown, it appears that Reading boss Nigel Adkins has joined the world of social networking by signing up to Twitter. Speaking to Charles Watts of the Reading Post, Adkins said that was joining the site "to find out about it." The news comes as a surprise especially because he had previously come out very negatively against Twitter's connection with football, particularly with his players' use of it.

"The whole world is on Twitter... I've never been a fan of it, but I have a responsibility to many people at this football club. So I'd like to find out about it I think that's sensible."

Nigel joins Twitter at a time when a large number of the Reading fan-base on the site are using that very platform to call for his dismissal. The gaffer acknowledged the inevitable strong worded criticism that is likely to come his way, but said that he has "broad shoulders."

You can read his full comments on joining Twitter here at the Reading Post, and follow him on Twitter at @TheNigelAdkins.