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TOTW: Golden oldies and Nigel signs up

Hoops returns with a bumper edition of Tweets of the Week. Particularly notable because Reading manage Nigel Adkins has now joined the wonderful Twittersphere.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

We head way back to November 14, when Australian keeper Adam Federici showed off his #5 Cap.

Reading signed Reading FC Women's player and England international Fran Kirby to a professional contract. Crackin'.

Edwards makes his Olyroos debut. What's an Olyroo? No idea.

Former GetReading reporter Jonny Fordham joins in on the sympathies for GetReading (who are to move to digital-only).

#AlbinoRobsonKanu. Get it trending.

Who doesn't dream of this moment?

Can we bring Quinn back?

Samrit speaks out. About what, we're not quite so sure.

Great work by Joey. Still relevant, 8 days on.

Federici gets tetchy at big-bummed Kim K.

Typical, McAnuff leaves and wins something.

Apparently, Sean Morrison is Jem Karacan's father.

WE COULD HAVE HAD SVEN. (Sorry if the obscenity is offensive. I just felt this was too good to leave out.)

Reading fans' can sympathise with Stewie.

And this guy.

Bit early for panto jokes, innit?

McCleary our saviour? Nah.

Maybe Pearce IS a donkey.

Hope A-CRYPTIC-pan. (Yes, that was genuinely awful.)

I liked this pun from last week, so I'm repeating it: Adam not Le Fond of his reception. HA HA HA LOL.


Meanwhile, two former Royals have a good ol' natter.

So Akpan begins his recovery from a shoulder operation. Three months... Tick, tock.