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Media Roundup: Norwich City 1-2 Reading

All the media round-up of an away win and Jake Cooper's first goals for the club.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

This report is a happier one to write this week. Following last week's dismal performance away at Cardiff many, myself included, thought that this week's media roundup would be of similar content. Well this week it's good to round-up a win so here we go.

Firstly, as always the trusty BBC again seems to focus on Norwich rather than us (am I seeing a trend here?) but just about highlights Jake Cooper's contribution.

SkySports are a little more generous with reporting, and again the focus is a little around the decision to give Hooper's goal in the first half, but at least with this report Cooper gets 3 paragraphs!

Interesting that SportsMole's report on the game is in a similar vein to everyone else, focusing on Jake's age, his two goals, Hooper's goal/no goal and Ruddy's near embarrassing moment following Norwood's 30 yard speculative shot.

A nice touch from the Eastern Daily Press is a video report from a very fed up reporter who seems to not really welcome the fact that he has to deliver the report. Also included are the post match interviews (a little more focused on Adams rather than Adkins - but you would expect that) but still worth watching.

ESPN FC UK's edition gives us the usual and same report (was there only one reporter at the game?) but also gives good coverage along with the Sunday Express to the #putyourbatsout tribute with this video being linked to virtually every report.

As usual Get Reading have a good roundup of all things Reading, and their match report is worth a read as always, following up with Nigel Adkins' take on Jake Cooper, which is interesting when you read the comment "maybe I should have played him last week" - read into that what you will!

The Reading Chronicle also gives a fairly detailed report with the first line of "Giant Jake Cooper", which is probably the most apt description of him!

Lastly the official website runs a few articles about the game with the headline of "Adkins praises first class players" being the pick. The most interesting element in this is the first public saying that I can find that we aren't thinking about loan players, but would rather play our kids. Is this prudent development of the youth team, or confirmation that the money and want isn't there?

On to Bolton!