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TOTW: Hahnemann retires and Andy Murray to sign up

Hoops returns with a selection of the best tweets from the past week.

David Rogers/Getty Images


We start this week with an Instagram post, and not a tweet. Wild. Ride.

Officially retired again for 4 th time. Hanging in a #treehouse

A photo posted by Marcus Hahnemann (@hahnemann1) on

Andy Murray gave a hint about his next move, an it involves us.

One Royals fan gets his hopes up after hearing of Bolton signing Gudjohnsen.

Regular The Tilehurst End contributor Jon Keen joins in on the Reading history hype.

Of course Nige takes photos with Miss Thailand. Of course.

One tweet to sum up the Bolton game? Coming right up...


Joey Davey predicted the FA Cup draw long before it happened. We think we hate him.

Huddersfield away? Hmm...

The Madejski Stadium has been breached by a mini Wealdstone Raider.

Matt Mills tried to clear his name this week, suggesting he didn't want to leave. Former GetReading reporter Fordham disagrees.

Feeling glum because of the Royals? This might help. It probably won't though.

In true Adkins style, Drenthe's feeling... Positive.

Finally, good news as Charles Watts stays on as Reading reporter amidst the unfortunate GetReading redundancies.