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Ref-Watch: Birmingham (A)

The Royals are going through a boring period at the moment, and that's not set to change looking at this week's ref's recent record. The_Biscuitman profiles Nigel Miller, from County Durham.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, I profiled a County Durham official who had only shown one red card in 14 games this season.

Today, I profile a County Durham official who has shown no red cards in 15 games this season. Step forward, Nigel Miller, whose last four games have been draws. As if things couldn't get any more boring for the Royals.

He is an experienced official who has been reffing Football League games since the 2003-04 season. Before that he was a linesman - sorry, assistant referee - and even ran the line in the 2003 FA Cup Final. I'm making it sound like Sunday League.

Out of his 15 games this season (39 yellow cards), five have been in the Championship, with four of those fixtures being draws. The only win he has overseen in the second division was Middlesbrough's 4-0 crushing of Norwich at the start of November.

Talking of 4-0 wins, Miller was in charge when we beat Burnley by the same scoreline in October 2010, when he awarded us a penalty and sent Clarets defender Leon Cort off.

Despite having a long term refhood (like a knighthood or childhood but for refs), that fixture was one of just three Reading games he has previously taken charge of, the most recent being in 2011-12, when we were subject to an FA Cup shock, losing 1-0 at home to Stevenage.

Moving swiftly on, in terms of penalties this season, Miller has pointed to the spot six times so far (4 scored and 2 missed), the most recent being Grant Leadbitter's finish from 12 yards in that aforementioned Middlesbrough 4-0 Norwich game.

So maybe ref Nigel can give our Nigel (it sounds like I'm not Northern - I'm not) an early Christmas present. And please make it an exciting encounter. This one has 1-0 written all over it.