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Adkins: There's No Problem With Questioning My Future

Nigel Adkins defiantly refuted any suggestions that he would lose his job as Reading manager after the 6-1 defeat to Birmingham City.

Martin Willetts/Getty Images

The Royals were hammered 6-1 in the Midlands, with 18-year-old winger Demarai Gray sealing a first-half hat-trick as the visitors defending abysmally.

Adkins told the post-match press conference that his resilience and grit will help him see through a difficult period.

"We're mid-table, it's a heavy defeat and there's no problem with people asking questions. But I know I'm resilient, there's a lot of grit, I'll reflect on today, lead from the front and will be up and raring to go because we've got to turn it around.

"We are all deeply, deeply disappointed. I highlight the supporters all the time and I was talking to a lot of them before kick-off and we appreciate their efforts. Unfortunately today it was a very poor scoreline."

"I think I've got a proven track record and am becoming better all the time with these experiences. It's a shame we're in this situation, we have to go again. You know me, I don't highlight things, we just have to keep going and moving forward.

The 49-year-old highlighted some positive statistics in the defeat, but reflected on a woeful defensive display that included individual errors galore. The manager also noted his team selection, backed by many fans, as the Royals approached the game in a positive mood.

"We give Birmingham credit because they have turned their season around. Their confidence was growing and we have given away goals that are poor from our point of view and well dispatched from theirs.

"At 2-1 down I believed we could go on to win but they have capitalised on a number of situations and got the result.

"I think I put a team out that before the game everyone would have been happy with. Two out-and-out wingers, two strikers, goals in the team, energy, passing ability, youngsters at centre half and experienced full backs. We had 70% possession first half, chances, Randolph made a couple of saves but you can't legislate for goals given away, they were poor goals.

Adkins looked to the future, highlighting how the club as a whole needs to be picked up and be prepared for next Saturday's clash at home to high-flying Watford.

"It’s a very poor scoreline and obviously very disappointing. We will reflect upon it and sometimes you can say words that are emotional after a game so, we’ll reflect upon it in the cold light of day and then we’ve got to pick ourselves up and get ready to go again.

"Believe you me, I've a very proud man and I hate losing. I'm taking the emotion away from maybe saying something I will regret, because I think that's sensible at this moment in time, because I have to pick the guys up and go again.

"I've also got to pick the club up, I think that's important. Like I say I'm very proud in what I do and I think that's the best angle for me to take on it right now.

Whether or not Adkins is the man to lead the club can be voted on here, but the Birkenhead-born boss was keen to prevent any particular area being to blame for this staggering loss.

"[Injuries] are not a situation we want to talk about because everyone gets them. Yes we're blooding youngsters and because of that you get mistakes, but they'll become better and the club is better long term. Financially people can talk about that, it has been highlighted, but from my point of view I'll keep presenting the club in the right manner and keep working hard to get it right."

What do you make of the manager's post-match comments? Have your say below.