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Pogrebnyak Speaks Out On His Career

The Pog has been interviewed by Euro Football, and discusses the reasons for his move to the club, his future and much more.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Reading FC striker Pavel Pogrebnyak was interviewed by Euro Football a few days ago and has made some interesting comments about his time at Reading and his possible future elsewhere.

When asked about his initial move to the club in July 2012, Pogrebnyak said one of the main reasons was Reading being owned by a Russian, i.e. Anton Zingarevich. More specifically, he says that Zingarevich begged him for a long time to join Reading, and finally managed to persuade him... with the offer of a 'not so small' salary.

Pogrebnyak goes on to claim that the team is low on morale because of the poor form this season. He even says that there have been incidents of 'skirmishes in training', and players swearing during matches has contributed to the negative atmosphere.

Looking at his future, he reiterates his desire to stay in the English leagues, as he loves London. That said, he leaves the door open to a move back to Russia in the future, as he is 'bored' at the moment, and misses the snowy Russian weather. When asked about a potential move to Spartak Moscow, he says 'why not'?

Pogrebnyak also compares the standard of football in the Championship with the Premiership, saying that he was 'pleasantly surprised' at how high the quality was after Reading were relegated.

You can read the full interview here. It was translated with the help of Google Translate.