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Ref-Watch: Watford (H)

As Christmas approaches, the cards should be being handed thick and fast by refs around the country. However, this appears not to be the case for tomorrow's ref against Watford, Mr Gavin Ward, as The_Biscuitman investigates.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

With a new manager in charge, Reading will be hoping that this season ends like it did in 2011-12, when we went up to the Premier League.

What has this got to do with this week's ref I hear you ask? Well, Gavin Ward tomorrow's official, was in charge in the promotion clinching 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest which sent the Madjeski Stadium crowd into hysteria.

That is one of five Royals games that the Surrey official has previously reffed, with the most recent coming earlier this season as we beat Blackpool 3-0. In the Ref-Watch for that game, JSK inserted a few 'Gavin' puns. I promise I won't Gavinclude any in this article. Apart from that one. Sorry.

Despite his fresh face, Ward is currently in his eighth term as a Football League referee, but he can usually be found in the lower divisions on Saturday afternoons.

Overall this season, he has officiated 17 games, with just three being in the Championship He has handed out 65 yellow cards and just two reds so far, and there are no penalty decisions to report. One of those reds, given to Shrewsbury Town's Adam Chambers, was rescinded two days later.

Recently though, he has had to record quite a few goals down in his notebook, with 10 goals being scored in his last three games. Ok, maybe I'm clutching at straws.

Last week, I asked for an exciting game and we got thrashed 6-1. I won't say anything this week, but there is unlikely to be any penalties or red cards. Because from the above stats, Mr Ward seems Gavincapable of either pointing to the spot or brandishing the red. I had to. Blame JSK.