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Reading FC 0-1 Watford FC: Media Roundup

With Adkins gone, this is the first media roundup of the Steve Clarke era.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Starting as always with the BBC, this week's report has a little more depth to it - primarily as it was Clarke's first game. A fairly comprehensive write-up focusing on Reading missing chances, and pointing to the fact that we had the best chances of the game.

SkySports also give us a good write up, again stating that we dominated the game but couldn't put the ball in the net. They also mention that it was Watford that were hanging on in the end and that we really should have made our dominance tell. They also have highlights of the game.

The Watford Observer have an interesting take on the game, mentioning a "resilience" within the Watford back line, and making a neat point that although we had all the ball and all the pressure, there weren't actually that many clear-cut chances, apart from Nick Blackman's appalling miss.

ESPN UK also focus on the pressure and the chances we created, and lists all the chances we could have made. However, I do like their take on how Watford "grimly" held on for the win.

We get a rare mention in the London Evening Standard, which gives a canned version of the ESPN and Watford reports, but the really interesting thing is that if you can be bothered to wait through the 29 seconds for the advert, what's with the video of Brendan Rodgers commentating on Liverpool? It's either a week late if that's the comment about improving as a manager or pointless. I really thought that the LES would have had a better video to put in this post.

I think that Steve Clarke wins the "Optimist of the Week" trophy with the headline on Football 365's reaction being "Clarke: Promotion still possible". The main discussion point of this isn't for this article, but I think most of our ardent fans will say that this is distinctly unlikely. However, the rest of the article goes on to say we were "unlucky", and that Clarke thinks that we can push up the table (a little different from a promotion push!).

The Guardian once again give us a good report and they are rapidly becoming my favourite online media outlet (obviously apart from the Tilehurst End or GetReading). A little upset this week as the summary box isn't there, which is a little frustrating. However, apart from my annoyance at that, once again they have a clear and well laid out summary with all the stats and the table etc on it.

Sportsmole give us a brief write up and also has reaction etc from the game, although a little short on detail.

Of course we also have the reviews from GetReading and our own at The Tilehurst End.

The trophy for the most pointless write up this week goes to TalkSport who give us 3 lines in the roundup of the whole Championship, who tell us that "Steve Clarke had a nightmare start" (that pretty much is the whole article).

Once again the media roundup of us is pretty limited, mainly I presume that we are looking at mid-table obscurity this season, and that really isn't of interest to anyone apart from Reading fans! With Steve Clarke in control, I am optimistic that he is going to take us on a run, which may give me something positive to write about in the coming months.

That's all for now, I will be back with my roundup after the Boxing day game and hopefully Santa will bring us 3 points and a good display to give me something good to roundup.

Happy Xmas to you all and c'mon urzzzzzz