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Brighton 2-2 Reading FC: Media Roundup

Santa never gave us the our main present which was 3 points, but we did get our first point under Steve Clarke; this is how the media viewed the draw.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

After all the Christmas day turkey had gone down along with some bottles of red, the Royals travelled to Brighton for our Boxing Day game.

In true fashion we will start with the BBC who gave a fairly good report, focusing on the fact that Brighton don't have a manager and Adam Federici seemed to be on a personal mission to ensure that Brighton didn't score. They point to the fact that at we had a control of the game right until Brighton's first goal, when they report that once the goal went in, Brighton were in the ascendency,

SkySports give us a somewhat lopsided report of the game, with most of their effort devoted to the first half. The eight lines about the second half focused again on Federici being a one man wall and the late equaliser. An interesting point:  the BBC give mention to our penalty shout in the first half on Cox, but they don't mention Obita's challenge on Danny Holla; Sky get it the other way around.

I am starting to find TalkSport's coverage of the Championship a little disappointing, again they wrap up the whole league in one page, and I am sure that they could devote this league a little more coverage, but if you want to read the 6 lines that Reading get then you can find it here, and to sum it up: we can't hold a 2 goal lead, Brighton don't have a manager and the two player for Brighton that scored are... etc.

The local Brighton paper - The Argus, seems to give a reasonably balanced report of the game, more or less agreeing that with the two penalty shouts neither were rightly given. The focus of the attacking options from Reading was Murray (take it that has nothing to do with the fact he used to play for them!), however the difference in the reports on the game from the Argus and our very own GetReading is interesting, with the Argus saying it was a "Stirring comeback" and GetReading insisting that it we had "done enough" to get three points!

Rounding up the rest of the coverage we have ESPN FC who give a brief overview of the game, only interesting thing really is that they state that Brighton were a little unlucky not to go in level at the break with the Colunga effort rebounding of the post.

Sportsmole give a little write up, again focusing on the goals, Cox's not given penalty and the rebound, but they also have all the stats for anyone that is interested in them.

Shortest report of the day goes to the Daily Mail, who give us four lines and that's it, in the most briefest of reports.

All-in-all it's fairly disappointing all round, with the result, and the distinct lack of interest in the game from the media, hopefully a resounding win against Norwich on Sunday will change that and start our play-off march (maybe a little tongue in cheek there!)...

I will be back on Monday with hopefully a little more media coverage than today.