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Reading FC v Norwich City: Media Roundup

A little later than we planned Reading got the first three points under Clarkes era; this is what the media said

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Well my last media review of 2014, and I am so happy that it's a positive one. After a cracking game at the Mad Stad on Sunday, all eyes are now on the FA Cup game on Saturday. However, before that we can have a last look back at the Norwich game.

I normally have a go at the BBC for being a bit, well BBC, however this week's write up is good, mostly about us, and more than 3 paragraphs- so well done the Beeb for making the last match of 2014 a good write up! In summary: goal, goal, blazing miss by the Canaries, controversial goal, is Murray staying or going?

There's an interesting article on the Eastern Daily Press, where the same depressed Michael Bailey for Norwich, gives his thoughts on the game via a video report. He seems thoroughly fed up so worth a view just to rub it in a bit more.

There's quite a bit of difference regarding commentators views on the last 20 minutes of the game, the EDP report in their video that Reading looked the most likely to score after the Norwich goal whereas SkySports state that Norwich "rallied near the end." Again, I think a little perception is coming into play. In regards to the rest of the report, they are pretty much like for like with other stories, however Sky are giving Norwich a little more in effort that a lot of others are.

Sportsmole give us a little more detail this game, and again most of the report is about the first half, however they do mention Guthrie's effort towards the end of the game. Interesting also with the Sportsmole's report is they have Murray as our most effective player, however for me Williams was outstanding.

If you want to read the same article as the Sky Sports one, just subtly edited a little differently then had over to ClubCall who have used a big font to fill out the space a little, apart from that looks very similar to Sky Sports' version of the game. ESPN do an even better job copying the Sky Sports version word for word,

The Pink'Un give a heavily detailed report from a Norwich City point of view, and to be fair it's pretty good reading.

The Daily Mail again come up trumps with a good report from the game, back with my favourite item - yep the summary box, and gives a good outline and if I had to pick one - apart from GetReading to read then it would be this one. The interesting fact from this one is they state clearly that they can see green shoots of recovery under Clarke.

Speaking of GetReading, their coverage as always is first class and Charlie Watts does his normal excellent review of the game.

Right. On to Huddersfield, and hopefully I am back with a review of how our cup run started!

Have a Happy New Year and catch you all in 2015!