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Tilehurst End Debate: To Renew, Or Not To Renew Part Two

So yesterday you saw the first half of our debate on which players deserved a new contract, those we were unsure on, and those who we would be happy to see leave the club. Now here's the second half with five more players discussed, the results in full, and a chance for you to give your verdict on each player.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Danny Guthrie

Bucks - MAYBE: The presumably high wages are a big factor in debating Guthrie's Reading future, but a new contract would be justified if he can put in the performances to match. Last season showed that, with the right partner and a run in the side, Guthrie can be a quality player at this level (consecutive Player of the Month gongs at the start of the season are testament to that). If Nigel wants to update the playing style, Guthrie could be a key cog in a new midfield engine, but he'll have to stake his claim throughout the rest of this season.

Hoops - NO: Talented, can pass, fits into Adkins’ style of play, but far too injury prone to keep around—not to mention, I'm still pretty sore about the McDermott shenanigans he got up to. Oh, and that haircut... Eesh.

Jonny - NO: We haven't seen as much of Guthrie as we thought we would, thanks to arguments with the previous management and injuries seeming to always hold him back. Not worth the wages, or the hassle.

Marc - NO: Too expensive for what he offers, also injury prone.

Will - NO: Too injury prone and probably too expensive. Oliver Norwood and Aaron Kuhl have already proven they are more than capable replacements.

Wimb - NO: Too injury prone and too expensive. I'd much rather see Aaron Kuhl get the minutes going forward.


Jem Karacan

Bucks - YES: Club captain and one of our best players, Jem's a sure fire yes from me. He impresses me more than other academy products like Pearce and Hal Robson-Kanu and I think he has what it takes to play regularly for a Premier League side one day. The injury is obviously a complication but nothing that should stop him from being retained.

Hoops - YES: Forever. Never let him go!

Jonny - YES: Injury permitting. If the club captain comes back and shows no ill effects then he can still progress into a top player.

Marc - YES: Captain for a reason, needs time, we'll give him it.

Will - YES: He might struggle to show past form this season, but he deserves a chance to show what he can do. You don't make a player club captain and then let him go so soon.

Wimb - YES: On the presumption he actually returns from injury you'd be crazy to let Jem walk.


Ryan Edwards

Bucks - NO: Unless he suddenly bursts onto the scene at some point this season and cements his place in Nigel Adkins' plans, I don't see Edwards getting a new deal. He promised a lot with some encouraging performances in the summer, but hasn't done enough so far.

Hoops - YES: Still unproven and yet to impress, but Adkins likes him and he’s still young. Keep him around for another season or two and see what happens. He’s a handy squad player.

Jonny - MAYBE: See Cummings. Has shown a bit, but not enough to completely convince me. However, Adkins clearly saw something in him at the start of the season.

Marc - NO: Not as young as you may think - needs first team football.

Will - YES: It can't hurt to give him another year. Ryan Mason at Spurs is a perfect example of how sometimes it pays to keep youngsters and give them a chance to develop. Personally I would like to see more of him on the wing, where he looked very promising in the academy.

Wimb - NO: He's clearly got the heart but he's no more than a squad player at best and you want to give bench spots in your club to those that either produce a 7/10 every week or could one day be a star. Sadly for me, Edwards is neither.


Royston Drenthe

Bucks - NO: If Royston ever writes an autobiography, a great title would be 'What Might Have Been'. He's the typical 'he'll be great if we can just get him on form' type of player, but it never happens. Can't see him playing for Reading again, let alone getting a new deal.

Hoops - NO: Do I really need words? He’s just not a professional footballer. Waste of wages!

Jonny - NO: Vaarwel stuurman.

Marc - NO: No!

Will - NO: Easy decision. There is something deeply wrong with going from Real Madrid to Reading in your mid-twenties. Perhaps most worryingly (for Drenthe), I actually think he tried pretty hard on the pitch last season.

Wimb - NO: Lol!


Craig Tanner

Bucks - YES: Along with Aaron Tshibola, Craig Tanner has been one of the academy players who threatened to break into the side this season, but has so far been sidelined by injury. What look to be a long-term layoff shouldn't keep from getting a new contract - he's a bright prospect.

Hoops - YES: One of the most talented players to come out of the academy in recent years, if what I hear is correct. Can play in the hole or up top, I’d sign him up for a few years, loan him out, and see what he can do. If he hadn't got injured, he may well have played a hefty amount of minutes earlier this season.

Jonny - YES: Deserves to be given a chance to prove himself.

Marc - YES: Give him time to get fit and go on loan for a year.

Will - YES: This is the easiest decision of the lot. That chest pass against Man City in the U21's cup final was enough to tell me that he has serious potential. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

Wimb - YES: Showed he's not overawed playing at the Madejski Stadium and its gutting he's got injured when he could have really broken through. A big talent and one to keep an eye on.


So here's the overall results for each player. It's no surprise that there was unanimous agreement that club captain Jem Karacan and Craig Tanner should stay, whilst the already banished Royston Drenthe should leave. There may be surprise from some fans that we all wanted Chris Gunter to stay, but none of us wanted Stephen Kelly to get a new deal. Shaun Cummings, Ryan Edwards and Alex Pearce were the players who caused the most difference in opinion.

Adam Federici 5 1 0
Mikkel Andersen 5 0 1
Chris Gunter 6 0 0
Stephen Kelly 0 1 5
Shaun Cummings 4 2 0
Alex Pearce 2 3 1
Danny Guthrie 0 1 5
Jem Karacan 6 0 0
Ryan Edwards 2 1 3
Royston Drenthe 0 0 6
Craig Tanner 6 0 0


So you've seen what we think. Now it's your turn to give your verdict on each player.

Here are the results so far.