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Royals To Suffer from FFP?

The financial saga that has afflicted Reading for well over a year now is still in full swing. Worries over financial conduct rules are the latest chapter in a book Royals fans wished they could have thrown on the fire a long time ago...

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Sincere apologies on the behalf of the Tilehurst End for all those who find the image of Chris Samuelson at the Madejski Stadium unsettling.

A little while ago, with changes being made to Financial Fair Play by the Football League, it emerged that Reading could potentially be in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately, the news Reading fans were dreading appears to be coming true, with the club expecting to be affected in the next transfer window because of Financial Fair Play.

As Charles Watts of the Reading Post reports, finances for this season (2014/15) are seen as 'borderline', leaving Reading with very little room to spend in the upcoming months, for fear of falling foul of the rules.

This is thought to have been caused by wage deals agreed by the previous owners - such is the nature of lucrative salaries that they can be very expensive over an extended period, and hard to get out of.

Players such as Royston Drenthe and Pavel Pogrebnyak spring to mind, with the latter being quoted earlier in the season, saying that he is on 'not low wages'. Reading don't seem close to being rid of the clutches of the old order that so nearly dragged the club into oblivion.

That said, it's not completely bad news for the club. Finances for last season (2013/14) are thought to not be too much of a problem, and arrivals are possible in January - although any significant spending is likely to have to be funded by extra income, i.e. player sales.

For more info on the Financial Fair Play developments earlier in the season, you can check out our topic stream for it right here. Stay tuned to the Tilehurst End for all the latest as it happens.