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Hammond Speaks Out On FFP

Earlier we brought you news that Reading could be in a tricky situation going into the January transfer window as worries surrounding Financial Fair Play loom over the club. Since then, Director of Football Nick Hammond has spoken at greater lengths about what this could mean for the club.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Speaking to Charles Watts of the Reading Post, Director of Football Nick Hammond has given supporters a mixed view of the club's finances covering the last couple of seasons. He believes that, with regards to the 2013/14 season, Reading have operated sufficiently within the rules that FFP regulations should be satisfied.

However, the point of concern regards spending throughout the rest of this season. Having to post accounts for 2014/15 in November of next year, the club is under pressure to keep those accounts within the rules in order to avoid any restrictions being imposed by the Football League, such as a fine or transfer ban. Hammond believes that the finances for this season are 'very, very tight', meaning that there is little wiggle-room for the club to invest in January.

On another front, some big players at the club are out of contract this summer, meaning that tough decisions will have to be taken going forward. With that in mind, Hammond says that contract renewal negotiations are due to take place after January, with the futures of the likes of Adam Federici, Chris Gunter, Jem Karacan, Danny Guthrie, Alex Pearce and others up in the air.

On that front, the editorial team at the Tilehurst End recently sat down to work out which players deserve a contract renewal, and who does not. You can find part one of that here, and the second part here.

For the full interview with Nick Hammond courtesy of Charles Watts, make sure to check out the original article here, where the Director of Football goes into much more detail.