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TOTW: Cooper love and club banter

Hoops is back with yet another Tweets of the Week, featuring a heck of a lot of Cooper love and the return of Reading-Bolton club 'banter'.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Hello. Howdy. How do you do?

We start this week with the news that the Hunt brothers are reunited. N'awww.

Meanwhile, Sean St Ledger also joins Ipswich, and threatens Cox.

Dave Stevens noticed his emails suddenly became somewhat royal in number.

Back in 1913 the Royals could afford a tour of Italy. No longer.

Meanwhile, Akpan has something to say about the Black Friday shenanigans a lot of people got up to.

And, in honour of Phil Hughes, the club and Federici put their bats out.

Glenn Murray is not a fan of selfies.

Adkins was positive about the Norwich game.

Noel Hunt scored. Genuinely. In doing so, he renamed the day, apparently.

(Yep, #BlueSaturday.)

Anyone got Hodgson's phone number?

Oh, there's a lot of love for Cooper.

Nigel Adkins owns a Macbook.

Former Royal Gorkss is joining a team in Malaysia. Oh, how the mighty(?) have fallen.

Parky birthday.

Meanwhile a Norwich fan is being wound up by Twitter. Ooo-er.

Not this again...

Aaron Kuhl was in the hunger games.

Marcus Hahnemann has retired. To live in a treehouse.