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View From The Town End: Bolton Wanderers

20 years ago these teams were fighting it out for promotion from the old(ish) Division One but now they both find themselves mired in the bottom-half. While Reading are higher in the table, Bolton come into the game with the better form so to get the Trotters view we spoke once again to Mark Yesilevskiy former editior of Lion of Vienna Suite

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

How would you sum up Bolton's season so far?

It started like a great big dumpster fire, like so many of Bolton's last few seasons. Everything was terrible and the longer it went on, the worse everything got. Performances were passionless and the Reebok, er, Macron, was at a boiling point with fans ready to blow their lid. It took long enough for the board to get rid and it seems that just about everyone is happier for it.

Neil Lennon replaced Dougie Freedman earlier this season, what have been your early impressions of the ex-Celtic manager?

Neil Lennon seems to have brought a real spark back into the Bolton side both on and off the pitch. Many of the players are playing with real verve and Chung-Yong Lee in particular seems to have found himself again. Wanderers are menacing, more fun to watch, picking up wins, and working as a team once again with thanks going to the manager and his renewed tactics. On top of that, Bolton have regained a lot of the trust that they lost in the community and in the fanbase through goodwill projects, being more open, and having fun.

Safe to say Matt Mills hasn't had the type of career he probably thought he'd be getting after leaving Reading three years ago. How do Bolton fans view the defender?

If you had asked me that before the start of this season, I would have definitely agreed with you. Matt Mills was lost and riding the bench, struggling to get in the starting XI and not carrying anything resembling form. Enter this season though and Matt Mills has become a real leader for the side. He has appeared in all 19 league matches and in both of the Capital One Cup matches that Bolton participated in. He has four goals to his name already, with three coming in the league and one coming against Chelsea. He sits one below Craig Davies for the top scorer in the league, which, in fairness, says more about the strike force than anything else.

Any fond memories of games between the two sides?

You know what the easy answer is from a Bolton perspective so I won't use it. I'm always fond of the 0-2 away win in 2008 because it was a bright spot in a terrible league season for Bolton. That match snapped a ten month away winless streak but, in typical Bolton fashion, ushered in a five match losing streak.

Any not so fond memories?

Let's never speak of the last match between our sides again.

Who should Reading be wary of on Saturday?

Chung-Yong Lee is the obvious threat and has been a completely new player since Neil Lennon moved him in from the wing and into the center of the park. Chungy is dynamic, willing to run at the defense, and knows how to play a pass. I would also say to look out for Craig Davies. The striker isn't the most technically gifted in his position but he'll run himself into the ground if it means getting a shot at goal.

Anyone that Bolton fans aren't looking forward to facing?

I would have said Adam le Fondre because, you know, but thankfully he isn't with Reading anymore. Simon Cox and Glenn Murray worry me simply because they're goalscorers and players that know how to take the ball and place it in the back of the net are very scary when they face Bolton Wanderers.

Finally what's your score prediction?

Being away from home, I'm not as confident as if this match was taking place at the Macron. Bolton have only taken four points away from a possible 27 on the road this season and that's a very disheartening statistic to read, especially when you see Reading's decent home record. I'll be happy with a draw in this one. 1-1.

Thanks again to Mark and you can follow him on Twitter @Markwhyy