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Scarf Competition 2014 Winner

A couple of weeks ago we gave you the chance to win a Reading FC scarf thanks to our friends at Savile Rogue. Today we can reveal the winner.

We asked you the question.

Reading's three main right-backs, Stephen Kelly, Shaun Cummings and Chris Gunter have each scored one goal for the Royals but who did each of those goals come against?

The answers were as follows...

Stephen Kelly - Nottingham Forest

Shaun Cummings - Wigan

Chris Gunter - Peterborough.

Plenty of you got the right answer but the winner this year is Daniel Hall. Congratulations, you'll be receiving an email shortly.

Thanks to all of you who entered!

Remember you can still pick yourself up a scarf in time for Christmas from Savile Rogue, who you can also follow on Twitter or Facebook.

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