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Media Roundup: Reading FC 0-0 Bolton Wanderers

A loss, a win and now what many are regarding as a dull and tepid draw, so what did the papers say?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Ok, so I did try to find lots of positive stories regarding the game, just to pick up everyone's spirits, but...

So I will start with Sky Sports who basically come across in 4 points: the first being the difference in form between a Bolton team who have found some, and the Royals, who being inconsistent is being nice. The second point is the fact that Eidur Gudjohnsen couldn't play, the third is a stunning strike by Danny Williams with the final one being the heroic keeping by Lonergan in the Bolton goal.

An interesting article from our fellow SB Nation site is the Lion of Vienna blog, who seem incredibly happy with the point and feel that they should have won it. Perspective is a wonderful thing...

The BBC actually give us more than 2 paragraphs for once (shudder), and a fairly good report. They also mention how good Lonergan was and the fact that we seem more adept at missing good chances than scoring them.

The main Reading FC site's report was a great one for those of you who play Adkins Bingo. If you haven't seen their account of the match, here you go...

The Bolton Evening News focused a bit on Matt Mills' return and the fact that he silenced the crowd, but I think that had more to do with the poor play from Reading than his performance! They also, as per a few reports, seem to go down the route of 'Bolton had their chances', whereas we just spurned ours. Once more they focused on Longeran's heroics (anyone else spotting a trend here?)

Sportsmole seem to have a favourite in Jake Cooper, as most of the report is on his missed attempts, and again Lon......(no not repeating that again!) and is probably the shortest report of the lot, which will speak volumes about the game.

The Daily Mail get the award for longest write-up of the day, but again focuses on the fact that Eidur has signed rather than the game itself. However, they actually do give us a good report, but it seems to be very similar to other articles.

Get Reading again do their sterling write-ups, and as always are the longest! Once again the main points being HRK being ineffective, Williams' strike and Longeran's keeping. Hector and Cooper also are given a good report - at the moment they seem to be our biggest goal threat!

All in all it's fairly poor reporting this week, which probably has something to do with a 0-0 bore-draw. Hopefully the Birmingham game will actually give me some decent media write-ups to comment on and pass on to you all!