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View From The Town End: QPR

Time for another hoops derby, as Reading make the short trip down the M4 to Loftus Road to play QPR. Ahead of tomorrow's game we spoke to QPR fan Paul Finney.

Ben Hoskins

How would you sum up QPR's season so far?

Weird is all I can say after we nose dived into this league with record speed

Without the goals of Charlie Austin and a knack of rescuing wins from the jaws of defeat, many us us have been shocked and somewhat bewildered at the going ons this season. That being said at times we've looked really class and the team  has the look of a side who are playing within itself, which leads to the fact many QPR fans are finding this season a bit weird and still no idea how it will pan out.

Harry couldn't work his magic and keep you in the Premier League but has he won over the fans this season?

No, he didn't and to be honest I don't think many could have kept us up, even Moses and Jesus would have swerved that offer. We were down after the first match of the season I think which sounds odd but very true. I think the fans were won over when we started playing like a team again this season,  wins help heal wounds but as I said not many blamed Redknapp for last season which i think has helped him,

You' seem set to sign Ravel Morrison on loan from West Ham, do you expect him to go straight into the side when he does sign??

Yeah I do, I think as a club we are trying to see if we can set a record for the most players used in a single season, he's a great player but certainly a risk.

The two teams drew 1-1 at the Madejski Stadium earlier this season, what did you make of Reading that day and from other bits you've seen over the season?

I think you're a good side and the core of the team works hard from what I've seen on TV and results say you can beat anyone on your day but also be beaten like most in this league. I have to say I liked Kaspars Gorkšs better in our hoops though!  Pavel Pogrebnyak must annoy the hell out of fans as he looks like a player who is so up and down at times, but being honest I have enough trouble keeping tabs on our players and loans to notice others.Our squad is so big we've taken the old entrance from the BBC to be our new players entrance.

Anyone in particular that Reading fans should be concerned about on Saturday?

On paper our team should put the fear of god into every side we play, both the starting eleven and those on the bench as we are blessed with a board that will back their manager no matter what. Never have I seen such a display of names in the Championship, so we've come a long way since the fans helped sign Jamie Cureton.
At times we can be unplayable but at other times we seem to sit back and let the other sides into games. Joey Barton is player of the season but yeah all of our players have it in them to be match winners they just need to step up and show that. Sorry if that sounds arrogant I really don't mean to be but we are well blessed as I said.... at least on paper.

Any Reading player you're not looking forward to facing?

Well it'll be good to see Gorkšs back at Rangers if he plays as I loved him at QPR. Pogrebnyak I bet will be the real pantomime villain as in all the times I've seen him you can never tell what game he will have but you know people will know they are in a game facing him.

Score prediction?

I'm going 2-1 QPR. As a team we need a good home win as our season is still waiting for a real kick start especially with three key players out it needs to be now.

Any advice for fans travelling to Loftus Road?

Yes, the away pubs are rubbish! O'Neills maybe best idea for a drink or stop off at Notting Hill and have a quiet pint but bring your bank manager if you do. Not sure what the food in the away end is like but the food in the home end is rank so I'd eat beforehand. Our stewards are a tad heavy handed but you lot have been many times over the years even when you had no hoops in the Simond Cup (sorry but you can not blame me ) so you should know the place by now.

Who are you tipping to get promoted come May.

Leicester & QPR while I'd love to see Burnley go up via the play off they deserve it. In this league this season is so open but would hate to see Forest do it as I enjoy seeing Billy Davies do his rattle throwing Jimmy Krankie style when he misses out again, it's my highlight of the play offs at times.

Thanks again to Paul and you can follow him on Twitter @PaulFinney1969