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Media Reaction: QPR (A)

We're well into a new week, but I for one am still buzzing. Three goals from the True Hoops put the the Fake Hoops to the sword on their own patch, and in some style. A result of that calibre creates ripples that reverberate around the footballing world, so here we look at how the media retold the Royal's massive away win.

Ben Hoskins

Starting across at the official site, at the bottom of their report we encounter a rare beast indeed: a scarcely-seen Reading FC Match Report exclamation mark.

You read that correctly. In an unrestrained outpouring of ecstasy, the article reads: ''It was a quite superb away performance and Reading were fully deserving of their win!'' Blimey. Though I share the author's enthusiasm wholeheartedly.

The article goes on to pull no superlative punches when it comes to describing Garath McCleary's effort on goal: ''...thundered a quite magnificent right-footed bullet...smashed an unstoppable right-footed effort into the top corner - a quite incredible strike from distance to make it 3-1 and send the away fans into raptures''. I believe Hoops described it as a thundersmack. I'll go with the traditional ''an absolute barnstormer''.


The BBC takes a more conservative view of the match, but alongside all of the trademark BBC Sport Yellow they provide us with an interesting statistic (hang on, I thought that was's pièce de résistance) - Reading had won only one of their last eight league meetings at Loftus Road before this win.

That makes a 3-point haul at 'Arry's place as rare as a Reading FC Match Report exclamation mark. Or thereabouts.


But of course, the undisputed kingpin of all things statistical remains, and their match report throws up a feast of numbers for us to digest (or re-digest).

In a complete reversal of last week, when he was right at the bottom of the stack with a stinker of a 4.64 rating, this week's Man Of The Match is Reading's red-card-overturning enigma himself: Alex Pearce.

His match rating of 8.46 was probably contributed to by another headed goal, and a solid rearguard display. And if I were in charge of the ratings, I would give Pearcey bonus points for his celebration in front of the travelling support.

Perhaps surprisingly, former Royal Kevin Doyle (cue the ''Doyle is a Royal, la la la la OI'' chanting) registered the most shots in the game, with five. Fortunately only one resulted in a goal...and a scrappy one at that.


Piccies galore in the Mail Online match report, a ploy I have picked up upon in the past. I mean, I know a picture tells a thousand words, but it's bordering on lunacy.

There are, however, a couple of choice snaps: highlights for me include a flabbergasted Kaspars Gorkss in wake of his (now overturned) dismissal, two pairs of gritted teeth as Pearcey has an old-fasioned tug of Doyler's shirt, and G-Mac cradling his Man of the Match award.

Actually, I'd like to ask a question, if I may: is the Man of the Match award made of chocolate? It looks suspiciously like it may well be. Answers on a postcard to the usual address (alternatively, just stick them down in the comment section below).


And to wrap up for another week, a dangerously-euphoric HobNobAnyone? reflect on the game with plenty of positivity. Let's see how long it lasts, eh.


Roll on Blackburn. More of the same, please.