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Contract renewals on hold

Adkins has admitted that contract renewals will only take place when the ownership issue is resolved; but he remains surprisingly calm.

Adkins is keeping calm over expiring contracts
Adkins is keeping calm over expiring contracts
Jordan Mansfield

Several first team players' contracts are up at the end of the season (including McAnuff and Gorkss), but the Reading boss has admitted it's difficult to know what's happening whilst the ownership saga rumbles on.

Speaking to GetReading, Adkins said:

"When we sort out what happens with the ownership issue, then that may give us a better indication of where we go with that."

Despite this, Adkins believes that in the Championship, Reading are probably one of the better clubs in terms of having players tied down.

"Go through all of the football clubs and we've probably got the fewest number of players out of contract in the summer."

Gorkss has also spoken to the press about his contract situation:

"It's all quiet on the contract front at the moment.

"All I can do is play as well as I can and I'm sure that we'll come to some sort of talks soon.

"I've always said that I'm happy here and preferably would stay here."

And McAnuff echoes those sentiments:

"I wouldn't say it's unsettling but obviously from my point of view I would like to get something resolved as soon as possible.

"Anyone who is going to be out of work in a few months' time would like to know where their future lies.

"But my job is just to focus on my performances now for Reading and see what happens."

So, what do you think? Should we be fretting about some of our more experienced and promising players moving on, or is Adkins right to be calm?