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View From The Town End Yeovil

Remember that warm summer's day in the sunshine at Yeovil? As we sit and stare at a drab February day it feels very, very long ago. Still, Yeovil fan Ben Barrett tries to brighten up the day with his thoughts on his side ahead of their trip to Berkshire on Saturday.

How would you sum up Yeovil's season so far?

In a single word, ‘frustrating'.

I'm not one to play the ‘little old Yeovil' card all that often, but we have been unlucky. We've had every rotten decision *cough* Adam Le Fondre Dive *cough*, we've had every loanee injured, we've played our guts out and got nothing out of games and yet somehow, we've still clung onto our hope of Championship status.

I've really been impressed by the quality of the division and the way we have matched pretty much every side with maybe the exception of Derby who have passed us to death twice.

Has the Championship been as enjoyable as you'd expected?

As a supporter who is trying to make every effort to keep an open mind about this season and take it all in, without a doubt, it's been incredible.

I've seen us play at the Hartlepool with 55 fans in the away end and lose some horrible games in Leagues One and Two, now we're away at the Madjeski, at Wigan, Forest, Leeds, the list is endless.

If you can't enjoy a whole season of that as a Yeovil fan, then you're doing this season wrong.

Reading snatched a narrow 1-0 win at Huish Park earlier this season, what did you make of Reading that day and in anything you've seen since?

It was a very urm... what's the word? ‘iffy' penalty, just as we were going through our hard luck phase.

Gary Johnson actually got feedback out of the FA's referee department saying that maybe, just maybe, we had been unlucky to the tune of eight points from dodgy decisions.

However, there is of course far better reasons for why Reading are in the play offs and Yeovil are, well, not.

In Adam Le Fondre, The Royals have a man who can be relied on for a certain number of goals and performances every single season; we'd give our left arm for a ten to fifteen goal per season man.

At the other end, the quality of goalkeepers at your disposal is incredible. Alex McCarthy remains one of the best English players I've ever seen at Huish Park and he's keeping respected goalies like Adam Federici and 45-minute Yeovil loanee Stuart Taylor out the side.

Anybody Reading fans should worry about on Saturday?

I've really been impressed by the two new loan signings at Huish Park, Tom Lawrence and Duane Holmes.

Both very quick, direct players who scare full backs and make things happen, I love that type of player and want to see them given the freedom to get involved at every opportunity.

We've got two rocks in the spine of our side too, Joe Edwards has really stepped up his game in the last couple of months and Shane Duffy is the next big thing for Everton.
He will play in the Premier League next season and he will go on to Captain his country. You can quote me on that.

Anyone Yeovil aren't looking forward to facing?

Of course, Le Fondre is the main man at the moment, but what is good about Reading is that it's not down to one man to put his hand up and be counted, someone will put in a performance, we just have to nullify whoever that is.

Score prediction?

Two home losses in a row for you, three unbeaten for us... this can only go one way... right?

I'll happily say both teams will score, but I reckon we might get a dodgy pen late on a sneak all three points. Maybe.

Who are the three teams you're tipping to go up and down this season.

Down is easy; Barnsley have a horrible run in, Doncaster too and Charlton are going to be playing a game every other day at this rate so they'll fall as the season just ends up taking its toll.

As for promotion, Leicester really shouldn't throw it away now, with them it's Burnley and Derby for me, the two sides that have impressed me against Yeovil the most this season and they're both scrapping for that second automatic spot.

Thanks again to Ben and you can follow him on Twitter @BenBarrett10