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Media Reaction: Brighton (A)

Another week, another point. But were Royals fans left wanting more again? Here's all the fallout from a textbook game of two halves on the South Coast, courtesy of South-Klein.

Charlie Crowhurst

Here we go again.


Over to the BBC for their take on the game; plenty to pick out here, but my eye was drawn in particular to Reading's shot statistics - only 5 on target out of 26. Something about hitting a barn door with a banjo immediately springs to mind.

Also, it just wouldn't be a proper Nigel Adkins post-match debrief without the words ''We're in the mix'' featuring somewhere.


You know what time it is: it's O' clock.

In a hotly-contested scrap to claim the coveted Man Of The Match award, former England international Matthew Upson edged out Danny Guthrie and goalscorer Royston Drenthe, winning the accolade with a solid rating of 7.8.

Reams upon reams of stats to pore over at leisure. Curiously, I noticed that Drenthe had exactly 4 shots on goal for the 3rd game in a row. It was good to see one finally rippling the back of the net.


Our boy Roy also adorns the top of the latest Mail Online Royal writeup, though even more satisfying are the bemused/appalled/scathing expressions of the Brighton crowd in the background of the picture. ''If looks could kill'', blimey.

As for any actual reporting, the article stresses the squeakiness of the encounter, claiming that either team could have nicked three points ''as both sides pressed for a winner'', and doesn't really seem to dwell on Brighton finishing the game with only 10 men.

Slightly odd when you consider how excited the Mail was last week with Yeovil's 8 men.


And to wrap up, here's the latest HobNobAnyone? reaction to the game. A fairly sedate atmosphere in the BFTG thread, with a smattering of Nobbers' player ratings, general comment, and some interesting comparison between Brighton and Reading football clubs.


That's all the post-match from Brighton done and dusted.

Now onto Leeds.