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We hold the record, but for how much longer?

As Leicester close in on the Championship title, can they breach our 106 points record?

Can Leicester City break the 106 points record?
Can Leicester City break the 106 points record?

With eleven games to go, Leicester sit top of the Championship with eighty points - with a maximum points tally of 113 still possible.

However, Leicester don't face an easy run in with Burnley, Wigan, QPR, Brighton and Reading still to play. They currently sit three points behind Reading's 2005-06 season after the same number of games. The Royals only dropped ten more points until the end of the season, giving Leicester a difficult task.

Using the points per game method (2.29 points awarded for each game), Leicester will end up on 105 points. But the potential results may give more answers:

Leicester's final eleven games are:

  • Blackburn (A) - currently 10th
  • Yeovil (H) - 23rd
  • Burnley (A) - 2nd
  • Wigan (A) - 5th
  • Sheff Wed (H) - 14th
  • Brighton (H) - 8th
  • Reading (A) - 7th
  • QPR (H) - 4th
  • Bolton (A) - 17th
  • Huddersfield (A) - 16th
  • Doncaster (H) - 20th
This means that the average position of sides that Leicester have to play is 11th. In Reading's case, the average position of sides that we had to play was 12th, showing the run in is very similar to what Reading had.

Predicted results
Opponent Prediction

Leicester 13-14


Reading 05-06


Blackburn Leicester win 83 86
Yeovil Leicester win 86 89
Burnley Burnley win 86 90
Wigan Wigan win 86 91
Sheff Wed Leicester win 89 92 (P)
Brighton Leicester win 92 95 (C)
Reading Draw 93 98 (C)
QPR Draw 94 99 (C)
Bolton Leicester win 97 102 (C)
Huddersfield Leicester win 100 103 (C)
Doncaster Leicester win 103

106 (C)

My predictions show that Leicester will fall short by four points, but don't rule the Foxes out. Especially as form can change quickly (just look at QPR).

Currently, no bookmaker is taking bets on Leicester to break the record, but it could still happen.