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Chronicle issue apology over #HooliHoops episode

The Reading Chronicle have issued an apology this morning, and published another open letter from John Madejski in an attempt to move on from the events of last week.

Ian Walton

The Reading Chronicle published a full front page apology on their newspaper this morning, and have also issued this statement online:

This article caused great offence to Reading Football Club, Reading fans and those affected by the dreadful events of Hillsborough in 1989.

The Chronicle wishes to apologise for any offence caused by the article and assure you that a full investigation into last week's events is being undertaken.

We fully accept that Reading Football Club has an exemplary record of policing their ground and Royals fans have a well-deserved reputation for excellent behaviour. Unfortunately our article and the front page in particular did not make this clear.

The Reading Chronicle has a long and proud tradition of serving our readers and advertisers across Reading and West Berkshire. This article fell short of the diligent, responsible reporting that has been our trademark down the years.

They have also published another open letter from Sir John Madejski:

The Reading Chronicle - and in particular Keith McIntyre - deserve credit for acting swiftly and apologising to Reading Football Club, the community of the town, our supporters and also for a comment relating to the Hillsborough tragedy. With that in mind, I am grateful that we can now put this episode behind us and, together, move forward.

Does the apology go far enough?

You can look back at Jon Keen's review of the situation here, and leave us a comment in the section below to have your say.

Update: The BBC has reported that the editor of Reading Chronicle, Maurice O'Brien, has been suspended because of the original article.

Update: Courtesy of the Liverpool Echo:

Sheila Coleman, from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC), said she hoped Mr O'Brien had been suspended.

She said: "Unless people in positions of power and authority realise their actions have consequences, then this is the only way I think we can address what seems to be a never-ending drip, drip, drip of slurs against Hillsborough.

"I think this will make other editors sit up and take notice."

And, from the same paper:

... the Attorney General's Office is now investigating complaints the newspaper may have broken the Contempt of Court Act by running the article ahead of next month's new inquests into the tragedy.