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Media Reaction: Yeovil (H)

It's probably best not to dwell upon this one for too long (''We move on'', etc), but here's a subdued recap of all the media detritus from Saturday's stalemate against the Glovers.

Mark Thompson

Eight men, they only had eight men, blah blah. Let's keep this brief.


The official site seem to be taking the same lethargic tack as me this week. Tradition dictates that whoever writes their match report affixes a short subtitle to the top of the article (examples include ''Royals left frustrated'', ''Ten men win all three points'', or ''Top-drawer attitude and application, #BuildEvolveSucceed''. Ok, so that last one may have been fictitious); this week there is no such subtitle on the piece, of any kind, at all. Oh dear.


Fortunately (or not so fortunately), the BBC Sports team - along with the nation's latest helping of Alan Pardew controversy and League Cup Final coverage - have given Reading vs Yeovil due attention as well.

(I also think it's sod's law that we were a featured game on the Football League show this week, of all weeks. Even more frustrating when you consider that our 7-1 win over Bolton earlier this season was allocated a slot of only a mere few seconds. I despair.)

Anyway, what stood out the most for me in the BBC's report was our shot count at the foot of the page: 30 shots, 8 on target. Hang on...that's one for each Yeovil player left on the pitch after 90 minutes.


There's not much scope for optimism in the writeup this week either. Yeovil centre-back (and goalscorer) Shane Duffy comes out on top in the individual standings, with a staggering rating of 9.9.

In fact, the top three individual performers were all Glovers, with Reading's best player on paper being none other than Roy the Boy - who was only on the pitch for half an hour.


I recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to the images adorning the Mail Online's match report, as you may develop blindness or an exotic medical condition due to the colour of Yeovil's away kit.

And as if we needed reminding, they've taken the executive decision to print the 'EIGHT' in their headline ''Play-off chasing Royals held to draw by EIGHT-man visitors'' in block-caps. Blimey, cheers Mail Online. You really are too good to us. Something about salt and a wound springs to mind.


Finally, the perfect pick-me-up, the tonic to all our post-matchday woes: a side serving of HobNobAnyone? Back From The Game observations. ''One dimensional garbage'', ''A new low in this forgettable season'''s not all that motivational. And rightly so.


Next up: Brighton away. Batten down the hatches, folks.