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MASSIVE TOTW: QPR, safe standing and Sweeney

Hoops has been a busy lad, but this week he's got time on his hands to catch you up with the best tweets from the past THREE WEEKS. Deep breaths, everyone...

Mark Thompson

We head back to the 13th of February, the original (and injured) troublesome twosome give us a grin.

Jamie Cureton... Would we still have him back?

Reading are pro Safe Standing. (You can read our debate on that subject here.)

Hope Akpan cracks a joke...

Alfie was a man in form.

As the Royals beat the Fake Hoops, this stat made for even better viewing.

Kevin Doyle controversy. (You can read our piece on that here.)


After McCleary's wonder strike, injured defender Morrison warns/threatens him with this...




Akpan blogs now. Maybe we should try get him on here?

National Chip Week in the UK led to this beaut.

Reading U21s beat Arsenal U21s because... Well, y'know, they can.

Pierce Sweeney's not impressed with the number of chins he has. Warning: not a tweet.

Magic of the cup at Elm Park. The good ol' days...?

Morro has his say on how curling should be played.

Happy birthday, Jemba.

ALEX MCCARTHY. #justsayin

Drenthe may be controversial, but he's a nice guy.

Hand ball appeal not given, so we get photographic evidence. Niiiice.

The Euro 2016 groups are announced, former Royals reporter cracks a joke.


Easy peasy, then.

Christopher Gunter. Captain.

READING LOLZ. Eight men.

Pierce Sweeney (great name) won something somewhere about young Irish players. Yay.

Building, evolving, hopefully succeeding.


I see his point...

Former Royal got involved in Carnival.

Sir Madejski, you naughty boy/man/owner/chairman.

Aaron Kuhl's progress to the first team may be slowed if he continues to dress like this.