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Greatest-ever Manager? Best-ever Season? The Results.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of The Football League, fans were asked to vote on our greatest ever manager and season in the FL, here are the results...

Richard Heathcote

The greatest ever season poll was a choice of our 1985/6 Division Three winning season under Ian Branfoot, which many of our fans are too young to know of (in which case read this Two Unfortunates article), the 2002/3 Second Division Promotion season under Alan Pardew, and our 106-point Championship winning season of 2005/6.

The winner...
An unsurprising landslide for the 106 season, claiming 93% of the vote to be the 2nd biggest landslide of the entire vote, behind Sir Tom Finney's 97% haul as Preston's greatest ever player.
1985/6 claimed a deserved 2nd place with 6% of the vote, and the Div. Two Runners up gained 1%.

Onto the greatest ever manager poll, and it was a choice of 3 recent gaffers; Steve Coppell, Alan Pardew, and Brian McDermott. Perhaps this was to be more of a tough ask for Reading fans, with the most recent success always gaining an advantage, while each manager left under some sort of cloud.

The winner...
Coppell, again, took the crown of 'Greatest ever' as not only did his side rise to a record-breaking season to get out of the Championship, but undoubtedly his success in finishing 8th in the Premiership made this vote a formality. The Liverpool- born Ex-Man United winger took home 73% of the vote, and our congratulations go the a well-deserving legend of the club. 
Perhaps strangely, Brian McDermott only took 12% of the vote to finish behind Alan Pardew's 15%.
This is undoubtedly Pardew's highest popularity polling since 2011.

So, what do you think of the results? Were you distraught at being denied the chance to award Brendan Rodgers or our 1999 mid-table Division Two finish to the Greatest Ever accolade?
Then leave a comment below (unless you're Alan Pardew).

Full results on The FL website here.