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TOTW: DJ Macca, Donny and nostaliga

Hoops returns with Tweets of the Week, catch up on the best Twitter action (twaction?) right here on The Tilehurst End.

Michael Regan

We begin with one of our loanees. Don't worry, Michael, we're just as confused as you are.


Our goalkeeper gets on the DJ and starts mixing the UK no. 1. Dj Macca has a ring to it, no?

Youngster Liam Kelly may need to work on his pulling technique if this is the best he's got.

Royals pay tribute to Tito Vilanova, who died aged 45.


*insert explicit 1D member tweet here*

We might see Jake Taylor sport this type of bear—oh, who are we kidding?

Nostalgia. Oh, it hurts.

Former Royal banterLAD... Or something.

The Burnley game creeps ever closer...