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Make or break for Royals' board

The Royals board are meeting today to discuss the takeover bids that are on the table, and how they go about resolving the tax problem they face.

Clive Mason

GetReading are reporting that the board of Reading Football Club are set to meet today to discuss their two major concerns: the takeover bids, and the tax HMRC are chasing them for.

According to the paper, Madejski will meet with the rest of the board today to discuss the takeover bids by both Sagi and Burman. The rumoured bids are both £1 plus the eradication of the club's debts, which are roughly £21m. The Isareli and Indian aren't the only ones with an interest in the team from Berkshire, with interest still apparent from America and Ireland.

Also high on the agenda will be how they pay HMRC the £1.6m tax they owe, with the organisation chasing them up for their unpaid bill.

That's not a board meeting I'd want to be in...