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The Tilehurst End Player of the Season: the result

Jordan Obita scoops a double end-of-season award as he claims the much-coveted (right?) The Tilehurst End Player of the Season award, as chosen by you, our readers.

Mike Hewitt

Last week the Editorial team from The Tilehurst End came together to offer up their opinions on who should be voted Reading FC Player of the Season; and included a poll at the end which encouraged you, the readers, to vote.

Jordan Obita, who claimed the official lesser Player of the Season award on the pitch before the Burnley game, can now also boast that he won The Tilehurst End's very own award too!

After 147 total votes, Obita won the award with 40% of the total votes, with 59 of you choosing him.

Danny Williams, who was only signed from Hoffenheim last summer and has had injury concerns this season, had 20% of the votes, with 30 individuals choosing him.

Chris Gunter, the model professional and entirely dependable full back, came third with 16% of the votes, 24 of you voted for him.

McCleary came fourth, with 11% of the votes. Meanwhile, Pogrebnyak had 8% of the votes, whilst the 'other' option (including Alex McCarthy) ended up with 4% of the votes.

Congratulations to Jordan Obita—or, as we like to call him around here, #BerkshireNeymar/#BerkshireCarlos—for a quite remarkable season of breakthrough, adaptation and twinkling toes.