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Madejski clarifies future; board members leave.

This morning a statement from John Madesjki has announced the departure of Chris Samuelson, Andrew Obolensky and Anton Zingarevich, while clarifying that 'funding [is] in place' to take the club forward.

Warren Little

A club statement from the Official Website has this morning clarified the situation on funding and board members, but stops short at naming any developments in terms of a new owner.

For the full statement visit the Reading FC website.

The main development out of this is the financial security of the football club, from where that has came remains unclear. This is great news for those fans who feared administration, or worse, and may allow Nigel Adkins to be positive  in the transfer market. With a 7-figure HMRC bill forcing the sale of Adam Le Fondre, perhaps now many of the stars of the club are more likely to stay put.

Furthermore, this confirms the exit of Anton Zingarevich along with boardroom allies Chris Samuelson and Andrew Obolensky, who have been accused by many of obstructing a potential sale. While that may be disputed, and for legal reasons we stress nothing has been entirely proved one way or another, we feel their exit is a positive sign and share our current thoughts through this GIF.

Stay tuned at The Tilehurst End for more developments...