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'Several still interested', says Madejski

Despite it being reported last week that Thai billionaire businessman Sumrit Bunditkrisada has sealed a deal to buy the club, Madejski told BBC Radio Berkshire there is still interest and activity.

Ben Hoskins

Last week, GetReading broke the news that Thai billionaire Bunditkrisada was to be part of an Asian consortium that would own Reading Football Club.

Confusingly, this morning Sir John Madejski insisted that no deal has been sealed and that there are still 'several' interested parties, including the Asian consortium.

The BBC report:

"The Thais are quite advanced in their negotiations but nothing's been absolutely signed and sealed," Madejski told BBC Radio Berkshire.

"You'll know when a deal is done."

He added: "I prefer to say nothing until a deal's absolutely been consummated."

It has emerged recently that in the past few years Sir John Madejski has lost £300m of his £400m fortune, and is desperate to sell the club.

Israeli billionaire, Teddy Sagi, is still interested, as is Indian businessman Mohit Burman, whilst Chicago-based consotrium, Peak 6, have also made offers for the club.