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3 Year Timeline On Promotion Says New Owner

The Tilehurst End understands that the prospective owner of Reading FC has told Asia TV that he plans to lead The Royals to the Premiership within 3 years.

Ben Hoskins

Google Translate at the ready, Samrit Bunditkitsada has told Asia TV's 'Manager' Sports Section that he is hoping to lead Reading to the top tier of English football within 3 years. For the full article follow this link...

Here is a quick summary

- Promotion within 3 years with £10 million yearly budget.

- Keeping Nigel Adkins in charge.

- Spending "a long time" abroad before heading back to Police United, his Thailand-based team, to which he has pledged to build a new 15,000-18,000 seater stadium.

- He is here "for the love of football ... [he has] not come for business or campaign."

These quotes are roughly translated, so if we have any fluent readers of Thai- be in touch!

Plenty of questions arise from the interview, but we may be a step closer today after GetReading discussed the deal as being in the Owners & Directors Test stage...

Stay Tuned at The Tilehurst End for the latest, as always.