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Samuelson talks takeover progess & Anton Zingarevich

Departing Reading director Chris Samuelson has spoken to the BBC on Anton Zingarevich's 'sadness' at the plight of the club and the latest developments with the takeover.

Michael Regan

It's the first we've heard from Samuelson in a while and he's kept his silence as to his own involvement on the progress or lack thereof of the takeover process.

What the article does contain is an interesting quote from the TSI man on who the new buyer could be, and at first glance it doesn't seem to be Teddy Sagi or Mohit Burman...

"I'm aware of one party who are producing proof of funds as we speak. They have submitted an offer with a timescale of it to be done very fast.

"They are an investment company and have substantially deep pockets. They have offered to clear the debt, buy the hotel and invest in the team so they can challenge for promotion and invest in Bearwood (new training ground and academy). They are serious contenders."

Source: BBC

That could well describe Sagi but if it is, it's surprising he doesn't reference him by name. Perhaps this is the long-rumoured American interest or one of the other bidders that Get Reading's Charles Watts referenced in our latest Tilehurst End Podcast Extra.

Samuelson also provides some insight on why Anton upped sticks and left and why the club's finances are currently so poor.

The article is well worth a read and it thankfully adds to the sense of optimism that's been growing around the club over the past few days.

We'll bring you more news as we get it here at The Tilehurst End.