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GetReading confirm lenders in charge

GetReading has confirmed that the sale of Reading FC is in the hands of the lenders, not John Madesjki.

Mike Hewitt

The full details are available at GetReading, but the outline of this story is that the lenders, known as VIBRAC, are in charge of the club's sale. This has led to them installing a specialist firm, as bidders compete for the ownership of the club.

This news comes after it was confirmed Chris Samuelson and Andrew Obolensky left the club last week, having been accused of obstructing a sale. Samuelson then spoke to the BBC, explaining how a consortium was in the process of proving funds for a bid.

Now John Madejski has also joined them in not being part of a deal, as he has handed full control of the sale to the group owed around £10 million by the club.