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Political problems holding up Reading takeover?

Just when you thought it was safe to think everything is OK with the takeover, Get Reading are reporting that political problems in Thailand are holding up the proposed takeover of the club by Samrit Bunditkisada's group.

It seems a recent coup that saw Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra deposed by the military is causing the delays as money is apparently hard to transfer out of the country right now.

Charles Watts reports that the group are still confident that the takeover will be completed but given Nigel Adkins reservations that he won't be able to sign any players before the end of the window, it doesn't seem as if the Reading are as confident of a deal being done any time soon.

You can read plenty more over on the Get Reading website.

Meanwhile as we have done for the past year or so, we just have to sit here and be patient but the longer it goes on the more the unease grows.....