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Further cash wrangling apparently delaying Reading takeover

This saga really won't end will it? Just when it seemed we'd be saved by Samrit Bunditikitsada's group, former Get Reading reporter Jonny Fordham and current Reading reporter Charles Watts are both reporting that last minute demands from Vibrac, lending group effectively in charge of the club, are holding up the completion of the sale.

Michael Regan

We should have known better than to assume our present owners would go quietly and a stream of tweets from Mr Fordham this afternoon have once again but a dampener on any hopes that this will be a quick and painless takeover.

The story has also been reported by Charles Watts on Get Reading's website.

Meanwhile the BBC's Tim Dellor has also been reporting this morning that there may be another interested party from Thailand monitoring the situation, although at this stage it's believed that it's an outside interest rather than anything concrete.

So buckle yourselves in Reading fans, this bumpy ride looks set to drag on....