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The World AA (After Anton...)

During a particularly successful season, the time seems to whizz by. When your beloved club is submerged in a sea of ownership uncertainty - less so. But has it really been that long since Anton Zingarevich disappeared from the club? What has changed in the world?

Ben Hoskins

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin once said "Lost time is never found again". This is a depressing thought for a Reading fan. Since Anton Zingarevich’s vanishing act of Houdinian proportions, the search for a new owner has been prolonged, opaque and arduous.

At first, not all of us were aware anything was significantly wrong. But, as the grubby, grimy details slowly began to be uncovered, we slowly realised that our club was not necessarily in such a propitious financial position.

This has made the cursed search for new ownership all the more frustrating. The more impatient among us (myself included) have at many times had niggling doubts. What on earth was taking them so long?

The saga may finally be coming to an end. Yet this really has been a marathon of a story. Practically endless tweets and HNA posts have been generated from this whirlwind of uncertainty and worry.

In light of this, I’ve compiled a short list of significant events that have occurred since Anton was last seen at the club – the end of September 2013. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives a flavour of just how much the world has evolved since the club became mired in this mess.

  • 1. There have been 38 managerial changes in the professional English leagues since the start of October 2013 . These have included Brian McDermott, David Moyes and Andre Villas-Boas.
  • 2. There have been approximately 57,600 minutes of Premier League football. This is assuming all games finished after exactly 90 minutes
  • 3. It has been more than 300 days since the last signing for Reading FC.
  • 4. Manchester City won the Premier League. Leicester won the Championship. Reading narrowly missed out on a playoff place.
  • 5. World Cup 2014: Germany won and Luis Suarez bit somebody (again).
  • 6. Because of a number of disputed and controversial events, relations between Ukraine and Russia degenerated dramatically. Russia has become increasingly isolated from the Western world. Crimea has been annexed, and Ukraine is verging on civil war.
  • 7. Chinese Mars Rover ‘Yutu’ landed on the moon
  • 8. Nelson Mandela died. Tributes poured in from all directions.
  • 9. Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence.
  • 10. The Sochi Winter Olympics took place. There were calls for a boycott because of repressive anti-gay laws in Russia.
  • 11. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappears without a trace. Massive hunt for the doomed plane. Later, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down, allegedly by separatists in Crimea.
  • 12. Israel began a bombardment of Gaza.
  • 13. The Glasgow Commonwealth games have begun.

What has changed in your life since October 2013? New relationship, job or house? How much has your life evolved since we were plunged into ownership turmoil?