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Thai Consortium Restructured

GetReading has reported a change in the structure of the Thai consortium planning to buy Reading, after a statement is released by the group.

David Rogers

Samrit Bunditkitsada's leading role in purchasing Reading FC is now disputable after it emerged that he is one of four parties that make up the consortium in line to own the club.

GetReading, in full here, have named Thai businesswoman Sasima Srivikorn as the other known party. Her, and Mr. Bunditkitsada's, role in terms of running the club and financing the deal are the big question marks Royals fans will have at the moment. However, that is still before the identity of the other two investors is revealed.

The consortium also released a statement today; thanking the club, supporters and debt-collecting consultants Vibrac, for their patience. They now expect a speedy takeover process, which has lasted months and left Reading as the only Championship club without a signing as August approaches.