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Thai Takeover to be completed this week

The Reading Post are reporting that the long-awaited takeover of Reading Football Club should be finalised this week.

Ben Hoskins

Samrit Bunditkitsada's Asian consortium are in the final stages of completing their £25m deal for the club, report GetReading.

The 39-year old Thai businessman was due to arrive last week, but decided to stay in Thailand and let other members of his consortium iron out any wrinkles in the deal.

They report:

Due diligence has now been completed and the process of passing the Football League's Owners and Directors Test is well underway.

Payment is also still needed as the only money to change hands so far is the initial down payment on the deal which came more than two weeks ago.

But all indications are that things will be finalised this week, possibly as early as in the next 48 hours, as the long running ownership saga draws to a close.

This comes after the news that Samrit has been interacting with Royals' fans, promising funds and further development of the facilities.

Read the full GetReading report here.