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Media reaction: Wigan (A)

A good performance against a strong side away from home; perhaps there is hope for this season after all! Here is a roundup of what the media made of Saturday's game.

Clive Brunskill

READING OFFICIAL - 'Superb Royals denied by injury time winner'

The headline sets the theme for the rest of the article, which unsurprisingly threw superlatives at the away side, who exceeded many people's expectations. However Wigan's role in what was a competitive game was very much downplayed. Adkins's comments echo the official write up, highlighting the fact Reading have a young side which will make mistakes but there is high hopes for the future. All positive here then!


Wigan provided a more balanced view of the game displaying it as one of two halves. It praises both Reading and Wigan's attacking opportunities, while focusing on the impact of their debutants picking out Cowie's defensive interventions. This piece is noticeably less positive than Reading's article perhaps highlighting the fact that many people expected a comfortable Wigan win.


In the short piece the BBC described the game as a 'thrilling encounter'. It's description of the game lacks analysis, however I do like the quote by Wigan manager Uwe Rosler which highlighted the extra energy Reading had in the second half while also noting how we sat back at the end giving Wigan the opportunity  to draw level.


Who Scored provided some stats to back up Reading's optimism, awarding man of the match to Cummings who scored his first goal for the Royals. The site says Reading completed 100 more passes than Wigan (398 v 298), showing that maybe Adkins's style of passing football is starting to take hold. The fact we then had 11 chances, 9 from open play, gives the idea that this new Reading side can play with style and success. All of this coming against a side who beat us 2-1 and 3-0 last season and are known for their passing style and high pressing tactics should give Reading fans some hope that this season can be more than one of transition.