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Reading 3-1 Newport County: Player Ratings

The Royals got the job done against Newport County eventually to progress to the second round of the Capital One Cup - here's how we rated the players on the night. Make sure you vote for your Man Of The Match too.

Ben Hoskins

Alex McCarthy - 6

Whilst he did nothing wrong in terms of shot-stopping (aside from the late goal from a corner), McCarthy was very unconvincing with the ball at his feet. Far too many clearances went straight out of play or to the opposition - with such a reliance on the keeper playing the ball, you can perhaps see why Nigel Adkins plumped for Adam Federici on Saturday.

Chris Gunter - 7

Gunts had a good battle with the Newport left winger throughout the game, and whilst he got beaten a few times, he generally dealt quite well with the threat.

Sean Morrison - 7

A decent performance from Morrison who was commanding in the air in both boxes, and made a few good challenges.

Alex Pearce - 7

Pretty much the same as Morrison to be honest.

Shaun Cummings - 6

It wasn't quite the spectacular performance of Saturday but Cummings did quite well last night, though his lack of a left foot didn't help. Nor did the lack of a midfield option, as he often went backwards rather than forwards.

Michael Hector - 6

For his tackling, he gets an 8, as he was strong in the challenge and generally shepherded the back line well. But his passing was atrocious last night, with far too many giveaways of possession. A fair bit to learn if he's to cement that place in the middle.

Jordan Obita - 6

A defensive midfield role doesn't suit Obita either, who didn't have the positional sense nor the tackling ability to command the middle of the park. Moved out to the left wing for the last 15 minutes or so and looked more dangerous.

Jake Taylor - 5

Pretty anonymous on the night, starting out on the left wing. Has a role to play in the squad but not the strongest or the most dominant on the pitch.

Simon Cox - 6

His moments were fleeting but he showed some good touches and nice understanding with Pog up front.

Nick Blackman - 8

Had he netted his two other chances, it would have been an easy choice for Man Of The Match, but Blackman showed his typical directness as he scored one with a mazy run, and could have had two more. Has looked promising in both matches so far.

Pavel Pogrebnyak - 8

Scored with a neat lob from thirty or so yards, and all our best moments came through him - one run in on goal where he was cynically dragged down, then three neat layoffs to set up Nick Blackman. The prototypical target man performance.


Hope Akpan - 6

The midfield looked instantly more concrete when Akpan came on, who calmed things down and distributed well.

Ryan Edwards - 6

Typically sprightly performance from Edwards, some nice passing and moving, and did well to set up Tanner for the final goal.

Craig Tanner - 7

Five minutes, one goal, what's not to like?


That's how we rated the performances, think we've been too harsh or too light on anyone? Let us know in the comments below, and vote for your Man Of The Match as well.