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Media Reaction: Ipswich (H)

So after mid weeks cup victory, Reading continued their unbeaten run beating Ipswich 1-0. Here, Amoj brings us the good word of the various media.

Ben Hoskins

Reading Official: Taylor earns Royals first win

The Reading site's main focus was the youth behind Saturday's 1-0 victory, mentioning that the team which ended the game had an average age of 23! Adkins took a similar theme with his press conference, while perhaps rightly warning after a nervy second half that: "There will be ups and downs, today is an up so we'll enjoy it, but keep our feet on the ground." It would be impossible to describe the game without mentioning Ipswich's selection of chances. The word 'relief' was used after Ipswich hit the bar, which aptly summing up my feeling at the end of the game!

Ipswich Official:

The opposition's site really rams home the fact, they had many chances to get away with a point. This is supported by their description of chance after chance being missed. There are also articles from Jay Tabb and Mick McCarthy, both ruing the Tractor boy's missed opportunities.


The BBC have a description of the game which would be unpopular with many fans, describing it as a 'scrappy match', as well as saying that Ipswich dominated proceedings. While dominate is perhaps too far, it is hard to deny that Ipswich were not on top for large periods of the game. As despite Reading restricting Ipswich to mainly chances from set pieces, for long periods of time Reading were pinned back in their own half. Furthermore Reading, bar a few crosses, didn't look like scoring a second. However at the end of the day only the result matters, and in that respect Reading walk away with 3 points!

Who Scored:

Ipswich's view of the game is unsurprisingly reinforced by the statistics, with the away side having 15 shots to Readings 6, with 8 of those coming from set plays. More interestingly despite the goal coming from Jake Taylor, the positional report shows 59% of Reading's play came down the right hand side compared to 16% in the middle and 25% on the left. This is a credit to Nick Blackman's physical presence against a big Ipswich side, and Chris Gunter's willingness to get forward and try to link up play. Also I think it shows how much we are missing Guthrie, Williams and Karacan, who offer more of a threat going forward through the middle. Hector was Reading's best rated player with 8.2, putting in a commanding performance in the absence of Cardiff's new signing Morrison.