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McCarthy leaves, Injury grieves, and Agents fees.

This afternoon we bring you a news round-up from a busy day of Royals coverage.

Mike Hewitt

What fee Reading will take for McCarthy, currently, remains unknown. Rough estimates have plotted the amount between £2 million and £6 million, with a sell-on clause expected to be implemented. In the mean time, Alex has been saying his goodbyes according to GetReading reporter- and TTE Podcast Extra regular- Charles Watts.

So as one departs, the situation for incomings seems to be continually unclear. Adkins has maintained Reading will be "busy", but so far know solid rumours (or of any kind, really) have emerged.

What is fact, however, is that Nick Blackman and Shaun Cummings are out for a few weeks with injuries picked up in the midweek win at Scunny. That makes 16 unavailable players in the first-team squad for the weekend trip to 'Boro. A massive 14 of those are injured, alongside the out-going Alex McCarthy and the out-there-somewhere Royston Drenthe.

To round-off this round-up, Reading were announced as the 4th-highest spending club in the league last season, when it came to agents fees.
The full Football League report is here.
This figure could be a consequential spillover from the Premiership season, or an example of reckless spending on flops like Wayne Bridge and Royston Drenthe. Have your say on the matter in the comments below...