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'Inconceivable' that Thai Takeover Collapses

Sir John Madejski spoke to GetReading reporter (and Tilehurst End Extra Podcaster) Charles Watts yesterday; we compile the best of them.

Sir John: Happy the end is in sight
Sir John: Happy the end is in sight
Ben Hoskins

Soon after the conclusion of the Royals' final preseason game, GetReading Reading FC reporter Charles Watts got the chance to speak to Reading Chairman Sir John Madejski, with the club issuing a statement on Friday regarding the Thai Takeover, it made for interesting reading.

At the forefront of every fan's mind is whether or not the takeover will ever be confirmed — to which Sir John replied with an unequivocal 'yes'.

The next question on our lips is about signings, with the club having not signed anyone in over 300 days. Sir John had these soothing words to say:

And, with the statement not mentioning the social media-savvy Samrit Bunditkitsada, Charles asked the question.

We hope Sir John was joking, though we can never be sure...

The following statement is quite a big one, considering the businessman has lost millions of pounds over the past few years:

Talking transfers? We can only hope...

Make sure you follow @charles_watts on Twitter for some of the latest and most reliable Reading FC news around. If you want more, listen to The Tilehurst End Extra from August 1. Tasty.

What's on your mind? Are you excited or worried about the future?