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Ref-Watch: Middlesbrough (A)

JSK is on the M1, en-route to Middlesbrough. He's useless. But by the power of the modern miracle which is Mobile Internet, he's still able to deliver #RefWatch (just). Sacked in the morning, etc.

Ben Hoskins

#RefWatch: it's like "Through The Keyhole", but for referees. And without David Frost. Or a panel. Er.


Today's referee is Bond. Darren Bond.

Yes. The lesser-known brother of James, when he's not occupied with saving the world from Blofeld and his cat, is a keen football referee. Well I suppose everyone's got to have a hobby.

Promoted to the Football League officials list ahead of the 2012/2013 season, Darren is a relatively fresh face on the scene.

A Lancashire lad, this afternoon's Championship fixture up at the Riverside is the first that Bond has been given responsibility over in the current season.

Darren doesn't tend to award many yellow cards: over 6 matches this season - in the COCUP and Leagues One and Two - he's only dished out a miserly 10 in total. With my early-morning Maths Hat on, that's an average of less than 2 a game, 1.67 to be precise.

Suffice to say, Bond hasn't sent a player off in a game yet this season. You really could get away with murder.*

Unlike our Casino Royal(e) Royston Drenthe, let's hope that Reading don't go bust today. Perhaps our number (00)7 Pavel Pogrebynak can serve up something special From Russia With Love.

...If he's fit.


*Disclaimer: you couldn't (though Bond could, "license to kill" and whatnot). We do not advocate murder here at #RefWatch.