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View From The Town End - Jamie Mackie

A second signing in as many days, Jamie Mackie arrives at Reading on a season long loan deal. Ardent Forest fan Winnits provided us with his view on Mackie's time at the City Ground.

Tim Keeton

Ah, where to begin with the enigma of Jamie Mackie... sorry, anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu?

He's in a very similar stable to Cox for Forest. A grafter but perhaps more lacking in finesse, he will chase lost causes all day long and create opportunities from them - his big weakness in a Forest shirt though has been his wasteful finishing and decision-making.

Put him through one on one against one of those free-kick wall dummies and the static object will probably win nine times out of ten.

Also similar to Coxy he's borne the brunt of the empty vessels in the crowd who make the most noise on occasions, and reacted badly to it.

For us he's mostly been deployed as a winger, he works hard but is very direct - head down, run and don't necessarily look up soon enough, and doesn't really have the crossing or passing ability to make the most of that position. But I've always been a sucker for a hard worker and he most certainly is that.

With strikers arriving at Trentside and of course Antonio on the wing for us he's likely to have fallen down our pecking order so a move is probably best all round for him. He's a proven performer at this level and indeed didn't do too badly in the top flight with QPR - maybe a hooped kit is the best thing for him?

As with Simon Cox I'm sure most Reds fans would wish him well, he just didn't quite click here and/or we didn't quite find the best position or team set-up for him to thrive. I hope he does well.